Bradley's Favorite Things Lists

Pharm Favorites 2018 Favorite’s Things List

Let our employees tell you what they think is hot this year to make sure your holiday shopping lists are covered! 🎄

Want to know what a College aged boy would like for Christmas?! Bradley is here to save the day!!

  1. Slime Ball Slinger - $25.00 – it’s a fun way to mess with my brother -
  2. Jelly Belly machine - $19.99 – I love jelly beans so this is great! -
  3. Table top Air Hockey - $14.99 – I love because I can play Air Hockey anytime -
  4. Wireless Treks Titanium Headphones - $99.95 – They are wireless so I don’t have to worry about the cords -
  5. OK Stand - $6.99 – It’s a hand and it can hold my phone -