Emily's Favorite Things List

Pharm Favorites 2018 Favorite’s Things List

Let our employees tell you what they think is hot this year to make sure your holiday shopping lists are covered! 🎄🤩💖

Looking for a gift for a SASSY young adult?! Let Emily tell you what she is loving from the Pharm!

  1. Moonglow - $49.99 – I love moonglow because it’s a very unique item that no other stores around us sale. - https://bit.ly/2y9RgPA
  2. Corkcicle Tumbler - $24.99 – I love our corkcicle tumblers because they keep my drinks hot and cold longer. - https://bit.ly/2Dw0WIE
  3. Lumiela Necklaces - $9.99 – Personalized jewelry is more special and super cute! - https://bit.ly/2FbLSld
  4. Boutique by Corky’s Camel - $69.99 – It brings comfort to style with every outfit. - https://bit.ly/2KLrjOX
  5. C.C Beanies - $14.99 – They keep you warm when it’s cold outside and still keeps you very stylish. - https://bit.ly/2zqoOM5