Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s almost here……..that’s right Father’s Day is almost here!! We are exactly two weeks away from celebrating all dapper Dads in our lives. I don’t know about you guys, but for the Pharm Favorites girls, the struggle is REAL to find that perfect gift for Dad. This year, our buying team has put together several items that are sure to make Dad smile!! Don’t miss out on these one of a kind Father’s Day items!

Here are our top twelve things that will show our Dad’s just how much we care.


Father's Day Gift Guide


  1. “Father of the Year” Grilling Apron" – $18.00, This fun item is also available in a variety of colors, all with clever sayings on them to make sure to keep Dad laughing on his special day.
  2. Duke Cannon Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels - $12.00 These easily accessible cooling towels help Dad “to cool down and recover after 12-hour shifts, covert field missions, or back alley boxing matches”.  This item is great for those Dads that love the outdoors.
  3. Solid Cologne– $25.00 For when Dad is in a rush but just needs that extra special scent.
  4. Burlebo T-Shirt and Shorts – $32.00 shirt & Shorts $45.00 - So Dad can style with the cool kids.
  5. Bamboo Corkcicle – $34.95 - Corkcicle products keep drinks cold all day long, even in that summer heat. (not on website)
  6. - Grillight Products – Spatula: $27.00 Tongs: $24.99 For that Dad that just loves to grill out for the fam, with Grillight Products Dad can grill until the cows come home. (Yay for us!!)
  7. Cocktail Multi Tool – $28.00 This item has everything necessary for Dad to kick back and relax.


The next five items are the perfect items for Mom to get Dad to show him how great he is!

  1. “Honey Do You Have Anything to Say Before Football Season Starts” Lunchbox - $16.00 - For that guy who is serious about football season.
  2. “I love it when you call me big Poppa” Tee – $24.00 This tee features the classic song from the Notorious B.I.G. and is the perfect way to make your man feel special.
  3. “I take my Wife…” Desk Sign – $5.50 – A classic desk sign that truly explains the relationship between husband and wife. This gift will keep everyone at the office laughing.
  4. Groove Rings (available in a variety of colors and sizes) – $29.99 - Queen B knows best and if you like then you should put a ring on it! 🎶
  5. “I Know What Turns Grills On” Oven Mitt from About Face Designs – $13.50 - Give your hubby a little laugh on Father’s Day with this one of a kind oven mitt.


These items are sure to bring Dad lots of laughs and help to show him how much you appreciate him! Our website is also full of other Dad’s Day gift ideas for Dad’s of all types. We have something for everyone at Pharm Favorites.

WE would love to hear from you, let us know about your favorite Dad’s Day gifts!

Stay tuned for our next blog that will be all about SUMMER, what to wear and what to do at all your favorite summer events!

                                                                  Love, The Pharm Favorites Girls xo