Good Times & Tan Lines

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to the PHARM Favorites blog. We hope you are ready to throw an amazing pool party and hear about the best summer movies 🎬!!! Let’s get this party started! 🎊

First, we want to give you the 411 on the best summer movies.

Here are our top 4: (we haven’t got a chance to watch all of them yet, but you can bet we will be wearing some of our FAVE Pharm outfits when we do.

  1. – Ocean’s Eight – Holla at the WOMEN!! Omg this movie was so amazing. Our girls Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, Helena de Bonham Carter, Rhianna, and Cate Blanchett SLAYED and left us feeling like we could take on the world!
  2. – Incredibles 2 – For us this movie was totally worth the 14-year wait!! It made us laugh until we cried. It is an entertaining movie for all ages. It would be perfect movie for all the fam to go watch.
  3. – Adrift – OMG!!! This movie left us a little scared to go sailing EVER but it had a twist ending that left us SPEECHLESS. It was also an empowering story of survival, great for anyone who loves a nice adventure movie.
  4. – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – This movie!! OMG it caught us by surprise. It is completely worth the money to go see this action-packed film.

Also, there are a couple upcoming movies that we just have to talk about……… 😆

  1. - MAMMA MIA 2 – Oh my goodness!! 🎉It finally happened, we all finally get to see Donna and the gang back in action and we CAN. NOT. WAIT. July 20th is the day so mark your calendars and brush up on your ABBA so you can be ready to sing along!! (Side-note- we have a perfect outfit idea for this movie premiere, HERE)
  2. – Legally Blonde 3 – Say what???!!!! 😱A little birdie (aka Reese Witherspoon’s Insta) told us that a Legally Blonde 3 will be happening soon!! Can you guys believe it?!!!!! We have high hopes for this film and of course we have the perfect Bend & Snap outfit planned for premiere night to salute our girl Elle Woods! (Your Elle outfit is HERE)

Good Times & Tan Lines

Now, on how to plan the most AMAZING Pool Party EVER!!! We have some of the most exceptional, unique products to help you pull off the Pool Party of the summer. 🌊

  1. Unicorn Float, Margarita Float, Cotton Candy Float - $30.00 – We are completely in LOVE with these Pool Floats. They offer a new spin on your traditional pool floats and are a fun way for your guests to socialize in style.
  2. Pop Tart Beach Blanket - $30.00 – We feature four different kinds of beach blankets on our website for you to enjoy! These beach blankets will be so fun for your Pool Party people!!
  3. Bling 2O Goggles - $22.00 – These goggles are sooooo CUTE!! They are perfect for all the kids at your Pool Party. Each pair of goggles are specialized with a fun, unique design. We have a variety of colors and designs for boys and girls.
  4. – Pharm Favorites Slushies’ Mix - $10.00 - We all need these adult slushies at any summer function!! They are extremely simple to make, to help make your life easier on the day of your perfect party.
  5. – Corkcicles – Stemless Aurora - $24.95 Unicorn Tumbler - $29.95 – As usual Corkcicles are fabulous for any occasion. They can keep your drinks cold for hours, perfect for a hot summer Pool Party.
  6. - Aspen Lemonade - $5.50 -This lemonade mix is designed to make your Pool Party prep EASY!! All you have to do is add the mix to some water and pour into your favorite pitcher and you are good to go!! Simplicity is key when hosting any event and with this product it will relieve stress off of you to find all the ingredients.
  7. – “Get Your Buns Ready” serving dish - $48.00 – This dish is PERFECT for your pool party and for any summer event. It will make your buns easily accessible to you guests (whoa…get your mind out of the gutter)


We hope we can inspire you with some of these exceptional Pool Party ideas. Be sure to contact us with your Pharm Favorites Pool Party plans, we love to hear from you!

Tune in next time to hear about our most FAB summer jewelry and how to wear it like a FLAWLESS QUEEN!! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook, Insta, and Pinterest to check out all of our unique products.

Also, a short PSA for you……. the Pharm Favorites girls will be going Live on our Facebook page on Thursday, so be sure to tune in to see more of our products and get to know us!!

Go get it QUEENS!! Y’all got this and just in case you’re having “one of those days”, here’s some inspiration for ya……….

 “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”

~Emma Watson

Until Next time,

Love, the pharm favorites girls

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