Sydni's Favorite Things List

Pharm Favorites 2018 Favorite’s Things List

Let our employees tell you what they think is hot this year to make sure your holiday shopping lists are covered! 🎄

Looking for the PERFECT gift for a girl in High School?! Check out Sydni’s list to get all your shopping needs covered!

  1. Erimish Bracelets – Starting at $8.00 – You can wear them with every outfit. – In store only.
  2. Tyler Candles – Starting at $7.50 – Smell is really bold, different and it comes in a variety of scents. -
  3. Moonglow Necklaces - $49.00 – It’s a unique, super cool and cute item! -
  4. Fudge - $3.25 – it tastes good and a there is always a variety of flavors. – In Store only.
  5. Savory Seasoning - $7.99 – it’s the absolute best for PARTIES!!!! -