• KOOKOO AnimalHouse Cuckoo Clock
  • KOOKOO AnimalHouse Cuckoo Clock
  • KOOKOO AnimalHouse Cuckoo Clock
  • KOOKOO AnimalHouse Cuckoo Clock

KOOKOO AnimalHouse Cuckoo Clock


A fanciful miniature clock that makes the cuckoo, meow or crow.

With this pint-sized cuckoo clock, every hour of the day means fun. Where a little bird would usually appear on the hour, you can choose between five different brightly colored animal figures – elephant, cat, pig, dog or rooster. Thanks to a magnet on the underside, these figures can be swapped whenever you like and are easy to store on the side of the clock case. All animals not currently on cuckoo duty rest on a magnetic perch, awaiting their big moment.

Each of the animal friends have a corresponding sound that can be selected on the back of the clock. The rooster crows, the dog barks excitedly, the pig grunts contentedly, and the cat meows the correct time of day. Or if you prefer something more forceful, try the elephant! All animal sounds are authentic nature recordings, and the volume can be adjusted manually. As the day draws to a close, the light sensor makes sure everything goes quiet in the KOOKOO AnimalHouse.

This clock features a modern design with clean lines, making it a distinctive home accessory that will prove an eye-catcher in any part of your home. As the KOOKOO AnimalHouse does not have a pendulum, you can either use it as a wall clock or display it on any shelf or flat surface.

Children in particular will love this delightful clock and the animals who call it home. They’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even notice they’re learning to tell the time as well! A little cuckoo clock for the whole family to enjoy.

Animal sounds (selectable): rooster – cat – dog – pig – elephant

Please note: This clock contains small parts and is not suitable for children under the age of five.

-Quartz movement
-Light sensor and volume control
-Made of MDF (medium-density fibreboard)
-Size 3.54 x 4.33 x 6.3 inch, weight 0.8 lb
-Batteries: 3 x AA not included