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  • Paper Flying Dragons

Paper Flying Dragons


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Design and build your own fantastic flyers

Dragons make terrible pets.

For one thing, they can be a nasty fire hazard. For another, the airspace that a full-grown dragon needs for proper exercise is impossible to provide if you live within 120 miles of an airport.

So this book provides the next best thing to a pet dragon: flying models of amazing dragons that you make from paper. From adult dragons to young dragons just out of the egg and ready to fly - everything you need to make them is right here.

Plus, there's the Robo-dragon, a beast you build from different wings and heads and tails. Perfect if you want to invent a dragon no one has ever seen before. Will your creations soar - or crash? Fly it and see - then change the parts and try again.

Whatever you do, respect your dragons. Because these aren't just paper toys, and they're certainly not pets. They are high-performance fantastic flying beasts.